Hi, I'm Tammy


I was born and raised in the Midwest. My parents were working class, and we lived in a trailer with my younger sister until I was nine. Staying with family for nearly a year prevented us from being homeless. With good grades and some good luck I earned a degree in engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. After working as an engineer for a while I felt unfulfilled. I wanted to do something to help people. I went to medical school, graduating from the University of Chicago. In 2004, my husband and I and our two small boys moved to Portland, and I completed my medical training at OHSU.


We’ve lived in Raleigh Hills for 18 years. I love that I can get lost in the grandeur of Forest Park in 15 minutes. Beaverton’s farmers market brings together all the best of Washington County and beyond for one of the best markets the state. Our library and park system provide phenomenal resources to all Beavertonians and Washington County residents. And our vibrant restaurant scene in downtown Beaverton attracts foodies from across the metro area.


As we all know, Beaverton and Washington County have struggled in recent times. The homeless crisis and unaffordable housing, lack of a livable wage, Covid and others. We have real and worsening problems that need fresh energy, new perspective and bold solutions. I have spent my career helping others as an engineer and a doctor and now want to expand my work to help even more people. I want to be part of a movement that brings us all justice and prosperity.

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What do we want? Justice!

Bringing Everyone Along

I will work to strengthen labor rights, improve union density and implement a system that ensures that gig workers and independent contractors are classified appropriately. I believe that healthcare is a human right and I will work to ensure every Oregonian can see their doctor and afford their medications. Homelessness is a significant risk factor for poor health and I will work to house every Oregonian with an emphasis on reimagined public housing. Deaths of despair have increased. Much of that is due to the extreme income and wealth inequality that has been growing for years. Our opioid crisis is one symptom of this despair and I will help to end it. The climate catastrophe is here – fires, floods, extreme heat – and it is impacting us all. Universal preschool will help even the playing field for all of our young ones. And racial justice must be centered in all that we do in the legislature.