OregonLive sizes up the race

By Ted Sickinger

I was given an opportunity to engage with a journalist at the Oregonian. Through a wide-ranging set of questions, I was able to lay out my vision of what a better Oregon might look like.

One important topic we covered was campaign finance reform. I feel very strongly that wealthy individuals should not be able to spend nearly two million dollars on a political campaign because, as we all know, that money is an investment with very real returns. I also expressed my profound disappointment with our elected Democratic officials and their unwillingness to address this undemocratic system. Since our current lawmakers have benefitted from this corrupt system for so long, I do not believe that they will make any real change. Call me a radical, but we need people in Salem who will represent us rather than represent their wealthy donors and special interests.

I also stated unequivocally that I will never accept money from fossil fuel companies. I do not believe one can be considered serious about addressing the climate crisis when accepting donations from these groups. My opponent in this primary has accepted thousands of dollars from oil and gas companies. While he claims to have a good voting record on the environment I am left wondering – What legislation did not come before the House because of the influence of this money? What legislation was watered down to appease these donors?

If elected, you will never wonder who I am representing.